June 3, 2020 – GV Solutions develops a digital platform for live interpretation

GVS began live streaming interpretation of public service announcements and media during the Covid-19 emergency. Our platform covered live broadcasts of NJ Governor, Phil Murphy, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daily briefings.                                   

Phase 1 of this digital solution allowed us to stream interpretation on mobile devices through Facebook, Youtube & Twitter. Phase 2 will include language drop down menus in NYC’s 10 major languages.

“Disseminating public information in NYC’s 10 major languages is crucial for compliance. Communicating safety measures and data through real-time interpretation can literally save a life.” – CEO, Ana Torres

GV Solutions is a New York – based, Woman Owned Business. We are a full-service provider of language, logistics and technology to federal, state, and local government, private corporations and the United Nations. GVS develops digital solutions to provide on-site and virtual logistics support and global language services.