DUNS: 080187989   I   CAGE:7KUH3   I VS00052938

Core Capabilities 

GVSolutions is a dedicated Minority and Woman-owned Small Business providing integrated and high-quality language, logistics and technology for US Covernment agencies and the United Nations. Rapid-growth of migration has transformed language services into one of the fastest rising procurement categories, and we pride ourselves in tailoring expert solutions to meet our clients’ needs. 

Our institutional goals include:
• Providing access to expert language services without logistical constraints.
• Delivering quality products to our Customers and ensuring their satisfaction.
• Thought leadership in the meetings industry through experience and best
performance practices and innovation.
• Providing career opportunities for expert linguists and transitioning military linguists.
• Maintaining an excellent working relationship with customers and vendors.
• Consistently improving operations through the creation and employment of
leading edge communications technologies.


Nearly half of the estimated 7,000 languages spoken in the world today are in danger of extinction.

Our services go beyond translation, we strive to save languages and preserve cultural diversity by making interpretation and translation accessible to all.


Past Performance / Signature Clients:



• On-site interpreters into 24 languages.
• Document translation into 24 languages.
• Rush turnover rates.
• Linguist scheduling.
• Over-the-phone interpretation support.
• Subtitling / voice-overs.
• Proofreading / editing.
• Printing / publishing.
• Transcription.
• Consulting for language RFP’s.


• Travel management.
• Meetings & event management.
• Transportation.
• 24-hour conference services.
• OCONUS expertise.
• Relocation services.


• Breakthrough language. management APP.
• Communications technology.
• Audio / visual equipment.
• Conference Interpretation equipment.


Codes Supported

Translation & Interpretatios (Primary) 541930 961
Travel Management 562599 958
Communication & Marketing 541613 915
Printing 323111 966
Conference Services 561820 838
Logistics & Transportation 541614 958
Consulting services 928120 918
All other professional, scientific & technical services 541990 961
All other support services 561990 961


PIP Vendor code: VS00052938
UNGM: 543694